Applied Bioinformatics Course


  1. Getting started with applied bioinformatics
    1. An overview of bioinformatics
    2. The basis of molecular biology
  2. Bioinformatics resources over the Internet
    1. International bioinformatics centers (NCBI, EBI, ExPASy, RSCB)
    2. Literature references (PubMed, NCBI free Bookshelf, bioinformatics courses, tutorials)
    3. Databases of molecular biology (sequence, function, structure, genome, secondary databases)
    4. Bioinformatics tools (programs, packages, online web servers)
  3. Database query
    1. Advanced PubMed search and MyNCBI
    2. UniProt Advanced search
    3. Database query with the EBI SRS platform
  4. DNA and protein sequence analysis
    1. Sequence alignment and dotplot
    2. Protein sequence analysis
    3. DNA sequence analysis
    4. Database similarity search with BLAST
    5. Phylogenic analysis and tree construction
  5. Molecular modeling
    1. Molecular graphics and visualization
    2. Molecular modeling and structure prediction
  6. Projects
    1. Sequence analysis of Pisum sativum post-floral specific gene
    2. MDR - Gene prediction and dotplot analysis of fugu multi-drug resistance gene
    3. Flu - Analysis of influenza A virus nuraminidase
    4. Seqeunce, structure and function analysis the bar-headed goose hemoglobin
    5. CEA - Protein engineering of carcinoembryonic antigen
    6. Structure comparison of spider toxins and prediction of antifungal peptide
    7. Sequence and structure comparison of human metallothioneins
    8. Systematic analysis of the Arabidopsis transcription factor family of Squamosa-promoter binding protein

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11 May 2021, J Luo, CBI, PKU, Beijing, China