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Jingchu Luo


I was a professor at the College for Life Sciences, Peking University. I am the China node manager of the European Molecular Biology Network (EMBnet). I was the editorial member of BMC Bioinformatics and Briefings in Bioinformatics.

I spent one and half year at the University of Maryland and two and half years in Michael Sternberg's Biomolecular Modeling Lab in Cancer Research UK during 1991-1999 (5 visits). Together with the Late Professor Xiaocheng Gu, I started the Center for Bioinformatics (CBI) at Peking University in 1997.

My main research interests were: I started to teach the Applied Bioinformatics Course (ABC) in 2001. After sending off my last PhD student in 2015, I focus on teaching ABC for PKU, CAAS and UCAS graduate students.

[Brief CV in Chinese]

Selected (first/last author since 2005) Publications (Full list collected in PubMed)

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Chinese papers

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Book chapters and scientific stories

  1. Luo JC. (2013) PKU Computing Center in My Eyes. [Link]
  2. Luo JC. (2003) Life Science and Bioinformatics Technology in the Internet Age. In "100 Interdesciplinary Science Puzzles of the 21 Century". Science Press, p.613-622. [PDF]
  3. Luo H and Luo JC (2003) In Memory of Rosalind Franklin. Hereditas, 25:247-248. [PDF]
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