Applied Bioinformatics Course


We have exams during the course, a pre-exam, a middle exam and a final exam. The pre-exam aims to test the knowledge of molecular biology and th e general background of bioinformatics, such as bioinformatics recourses on the Internet, molecular biology databases, bioinformatics tools you alrea dy know, etc. The middle exam tends to summarize what we have learned during the first part of the course. The final exam is also a hands-on exercise with some real problems, such as the sequence, structure and function ana lysis of the bar-headed goose hemoglobin, the carcinoembryonic antigen, metallo thionein and the spider toxin. The exam papers are either in Chinese or in English . They can be downloaded as Microsoft WORD 2003 files. Finally, you need ma ke a report at the end of the course to summarize what we have learned during the whole semester, or during the training worksho p. You are also encouraged to write up a paper for the application of the to ols to the project you are working on, or you plan to work in your laboratory.

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11 May 2021, J Luo, CBI, PKU, Beijing, China