Applied Bioinformatics Course [中文]


Welcome to ABC - the Applied Bioinformatics Course!

As inspired by Walter Gilbert's 1991 Nature article "We must hook our individual computers into the worldwide network that gives us access to daily changes in the database and also makes immediate our communications with each other", this course is designed for wet-lab experimental graduate students in biology.

What we learn

We'll learn, step by step, the ABCs of:

And lots more!

How we learn

We will run the course in a training room. Each student will have a PC connected into the Internet.

We start with introducing the international bioinformatics resources around the world, for example, NCBI and EBI. We then use the bioinformatics platform to do hands-on practice. We will do a lot of practice for sequence alignment, database similarity search, motif finding, gene prediction, as well as phylogenetic tree construction and molecular modeling.

Finally, we will focus on several projects to solve real biological problems. You are encouraged to bring your own problems to discuss and, hopefully, to solve during the course!

You may read a brief introduction and the outline (in Chinese) of the course, and read the article Teaching the ABC of Bioinformatics (in English), or ABC Examples (in Chinese) for more details.

What you need before the course

What you gain from the course

Don't expect to become a bioinformatics expert at the end of the course, but you will believe what Alan Bleseby, one of the major developer of the EMBOSS package, indicated two decades ago:

Half day on the Web, saves you half month in the lab!

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6 July 2024, J Luo, CBI, PKU, Beijing, China