Applied Bioinformatics Course

Structure analysis and homology modeling of carcinoembryonic antigen

Materials and Methods

The following structures are used in the analysis.

ID Name Source Res Description
2QSQ CEAM5 Human 1.9 N-terminal domain dimmer
2VER CEAM5 Human NMR N-CEA/Dr Adhesion complex
1E07 CEAM5 Human   C alpha only
2GK2 CEAM1 Human 2.2 N-terminal domain dimmer
1L6Z CEAM1 Mouse 3.3 N-terminal 2 domains
2DKS CEAM8 Human NMR  
1REI IgG Human    
7FAB IgG Human 2.0  
1HNF CD2 Human 2.5  
1HZH IgG B12 Human 2.7  
1IGT IgG Mouse 2.8  
1MOE scFv Human 2.2  
1QOK Mfe-23 Mouse 2.4  


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7 June 2018, J Luo, CBI, PKU, Beijing, China