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02-12-2013 - The comments and summary for CAAS13F1 PhD students can be found in the Exam page.

27-11-2013 - The talk on bitter taste receptor (T2R) by Xiong MY can be found in the Talk page.

06-11-2013 - The Blast talk by Kang YJ and Phylogeny talk by Sun TS can be found in the Talk page.

10-09-2013 - The Survey form for PKU13F students (pku13f-survey.doc).

10-09-2013 - The self-test for PKU13F students (pku13f-self-test.doc).

07-09-2013 - The Survey form for CAAS13F M.S. students (caas13f-ms-survey.doc).

07-09-2013 - The self-test for CAAS13F M.S. students (caas13f-ms-self-test.doc).

03-09-2013 - The Survey form for CAAS13F PhD students (caas13f-phd-survey.doc).

03-09-2013 - The Pre-test for CAAS13F PhD students (pre-test.doc).

04-07-2013 - The 2013-06-28 lecture slides from Xiao Xu, Yang Zhong can be found at the Talk page.

17-04-2013 - A new project page "Analysis of influenza A virus neuraminidase has been added and is being updated.

12-03-2013 - The second class for PKU13S students will start at 7:00pm in room 7, PKU computing Center [Map].

12-03-2013 - The exam paper for CAAS13W students is online now.

23-02-2013 - The spring calss PKU13S for PKU students will start in the second week (4-10 March 2013).

19-02-2013 - The winter calss CAAS13W for CAAS students will start 8:30am, 23 Feb 2013, Audio-Video classroom No 5, CAAS graduate school.

22-01-2013 - The final seminar presentations of CAAS12F PhD and M.S. classes and PKU12F class are online now.

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