Applied Bioinformatics Course

Notice for 2008 semesters

15-12-2008 - User manual for Swiss PDBViewer (made by Zhang J) is added in the Manual page.

13-12-2008 - Lectures slides by CAAS08S/PKU08S students are added in the Lecture page.

01-12-2008 - User manuals and quick guides are added in the manual page.

12-10-2008 - Inter semester exam1 is online.

04-10-2008 - We will have class as usual during the National Holiday, Sunday, 5 October 2008.

20-09-2008 - New semester course will start 1:30-4:30pm, 21 Sept 2008 at the CAAS for registered PhD students and unregistered M.S. students of following majors: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Plant Pathology, Crop Genetics Breeding and Animal Genetics and Breeding.

16-07-2008 - A one-day hands-on course will be held for the graduate student of CAS on 17 July 2008, room 610, new biology building [Map]

20-06-2008 - A workshop will be held for the summary of the course this semester at CAAS, 22 June 2008. [Program]

01-05-2008 - The 3 May (Saturday) class will be moved to 4 May (Sunday).

29-04-2008 - We will continue our class for CAAS students on 3 May.

24-04-2008 - The mid-exam paper for PKU08 students are online.

18-04-2008 - The side menu has been re-designed, project pages are updated.

13-04-2008 - The ExPASy exercise and HBH, SBP project pages are updated.

11-04-2008 - This ABC web site has been re-designed, some of the pages are being revised, more materials are to be added.

03-04-2008 - We will keep our schedule of the PKU class 1 starting from 6:00pm, every Monday.

03-04-2008 - We will continue the CAAS class during the official spring holiday, 5 April 2008.

10-03-2008 - The final exam paper for CAAS winter course Class 2 can be downloaded from the Exam page.

01-03-2008 - The first class of 2008 spring semester for CAAS students will start from 9:00 at the graduate school of CAAS.

01-03-2008 - Based on the suggestions from most of the students, we will start the class from 17:30 and finish at 21:30, Monday for PKU Class 1.

27-02-2008 - The Pre-exam paper for PKU students Class 1 has been put online. Please finish the exam as homework and send to the Yahoo email.

23-02-2008 - Due to the the limited space of the training room, the registration is closed. List of names of two classes will be sent to you via email.

22-02-2008 - Due to the conflict with another course, the Monday class will start from 16:40pm and finish at 21:00. There will be a break for dinner.

20-02-2008 - PKU course will start in the second week (25 Feb 2008). Please fill in the registration form and send back by 23 Feb 2008.

04-02-2008 - CAAS winter course Class 1 students can download the exam paper and send back by 29 Feb 2008.

17-01-2008 CAAS winter course Class 1 will start at 9:00am, Saturday, 19 Jan.

04-01-2008 - Class 2 students of CAAS winter semester course (19-24 Feb 2008) please fill in this survey form and send back by 15 Jan to Yahoo address (caas08w2).

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