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08-09-2017 - Durvey form for PKU17F students PKU17F_Survey.doc

07-09-2017 - Survey form for CAAS17 MS students CAAS17MS_Survey.doc

06-09-2017 - Survey form for CAAS17 PhD students CAAS17Phd_Survey.doc

27-08-2017 - All the links in Docs, Databases and Tools are checked and updated.

08-08-2017 - The UK website of Molecule of the Month for chemical molecules is added in the Docs page.

29-07-2017 - Revision of the text for some of the pages.

08-07-2017 - UCAS17S summer semester summary and feedback outlines are online in the Exam page.

27-05-2017 - CAAS16MS3/MS4 final seminar will be held on 4 June, topics are online in the Seminars page.

10-05-2017 - An OsSPL13 paper was added in the SBP project page.

02-04-2017 - Two papers published recently are added in the JCL page.

02-04-2017 - Links to CoGe and RTH RNA tools are added in the Tools page.

20-02-2017 - The survey form for PKU 2017 spring semester students PKU17S_Survey.doc

30-01-2017 - The ABC home page has been revised, adding the link to the article published by Walter Gilbert in 1991.

27-01-2017 - The video record of two PKU16F groups (G05 and G09) are online in the Seminars page.

20-01-2017 - PKU16F final group reports are online in the Seminars page.

27-12-2016 - PKU16F workshop for summary report will be held on 7 Jan. (Room 107, Classroom Building No. 2) and 14 Jan (Room 207, Classroom Building No. 2)

27-12-2016 - PyMol presentation by Wang Y is added in the Talk page, PyMol reference manual is added in the Manual page.

12-12-2016 - CAAS special lecture nnouncement [PDF]

21-11-2016 - Presentation of Blast algorithm by Kuang C is added in the Talk page.

16-10-2016 - Links to BIGD, GSA and IC4R are added.

10-10-2016 - A link to the Rosalind bioinformatics platform is added in the Literature page.

02-10-2016 - Scoring matrix BLOSUM62 and PAM250 are added in the Manual page.

02-10-2016 - CAAS16MS3 class will start on 5 October, audio/video classroom No 5, CAAS graduate school.

18-09-2016 - PKU 2016 fall class PKU16F will start today, Room 311, Classroom Building of Natural Science (Li Jiao).

13-09-2016 - Group discussion summary report template Template

30-08-2016 - We will have the 1st class for all CAAS 2016 master and PhD students on 10 September, starting from 8:30pm, at Classroom 1. Please come to the class if you plan to take this course.

30-08-2016 - The survey form for CAAS 2016 master students CAAS16MS_Survey.doc

30-08-2016 - The survey form for CAAS 2016 PhD students CAAS16PhD_Survey.doc

22-08-2016 - A new page Data has been added and is being updated.

28-07-2016 - A new page Brains was added and is being updated.

27-07-2016 - The lectrure slides for the summer school of Hong Kong young talents [PDF]

24-07-2016 - The personal information page JCL were updated, adding some Chinese papers.

02-07-2016 - The feedbak form for UCAS16S students [ucas16s-feedback.doc]

02-07-2016 - The course summary1 for UCAS16S students [ucas16s-summary1.doc]

02-07-2016 - The course summary2 for UCAS16S students [ucas16s-summary2.doc]

20-03-2016 - The survey form for UCAS16S students [ucas16s-survey.doc]

06-02-2016 - The PPT slides of CAAS15PhD seminars are online now.

25-01-2016 - The PPT slides of PKU15F seminars are online now.

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